• Inventory and appraise existing artwork and make recommendations for its re-use
  • Determine with client and architect the budget and the desired type of artwork
  • Work with blueprints to place artwork
  • Coordinate with the architect and project team the appropriate lighting for artwork
  • Present artwork to client and/or architect

Presentations can be held in either the client’s office or our office. If the client wishes, visits can be arranged to galleries, publishers and artist’s studios. The number of presentations are unlimited.

  • Frame artwork Corporate Art Directions utilizes a broad range of framing services in order to maximize the desired balance of aesthetics, conservation, and cost.
  • Install artwork

Corporate Art Directions carries out all normal installation operations. Available to us at all times is a group of professional art handlers who have worked with us for more than a decade. They will help us refurbish certain types of frames, assist with organizing and moving the art, and work with us on the installation of large projects.

  • Place informational labels
  • Provide artist biographies

Please note the following services can also be provided upon the client’s request:

  • Update appraisals
  • Produce a catalogue
  • Give informational lectures to employees and visitors
  • Maintain the collection